How to make not only hundreds but even thousands or even millions of dollars with robot traffic.


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Jun 10, 2020
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First of all, I hope you use this answer to sell good products and services and bring real value to the community and make real money.
Over the years, many people have come to me with the question of how to make money with robot traffic, and a common answer was that you should have a website with real traffic and add this robot traffic to them, and Sell traffic to ad networks. You should just find ad networks which don’t detect your robot traffic and don’t ban you for that. No one shares their ad networks because sharing means banning and losing money. I do not do this today, I want to offer a smart solution that not only may be easier and even more profitable, but you will receive money from people who are very happy to give you money.
Most of the human brain is in their eyes! (Like other animals :p;)) For a better explanation, most people follow and observe what products or services many people use and then use them, and a limited percentage of people try new things. This creates a common business problem for business growth (chicken and egg problem). You can see the difference in this image.

Well theory is enough let's get real money from real cases!
Someone has really created a great product or service (for example, a song, a video, a software, an application ...) that just needs to be seen by people to sell it, but most people are not interested in try unpopular products.

Old solutions:
1. Be lucky, bring your friends and family to see or buy your product or service, wait, be lucky, some people will come, maybe they will like your products and recommend them to others, And maybe one day your products will be listed In the list of "most visited" or "most liked" of the seller's websites, then the actual sales begin.
2. Go to a talent show and maybe choose and be popular!…
3. Spend a lot of money on advertising

Our solution:
Many popular websites that allow you to share or sell your product or service have a list of the "most visited" or "most popular" items or at least a sorting by it. Many of them do not check the robot's IPs or do not need to log in to count the visits. Oh really! Very simply, your product or service can be easily placed at the top of the list using robot traffic… after that you can guess what’s happening...

Frequently Asked Questions:
I do not have a valuable product or service that you have identified, can I still make money this way?

Yes, absolutely, most of the people who read this article are in this group! You can create a marketing agency for those who need your help. You just have to find the people who need your help and offer your solution.
Your solution is special for whom can't get the sale in normal expensive way then you can get percentage of sale or even be partner in their business.

Does it really brings sell?
Good products and services naturally go viral, you just speed up the process and increase your chances of seeing and then selling before you become frustrated or obsolete.
For example, you should have 10,000 real hits next week for your product to go viral if it is really good. Let me ask you this time. If you see that a product has 0 hits, would you like to see and test it or if it had 10 million hits? Yes, many people try that product to find out why it is so popular and you can get a lot of the actual hits that you need to be viral.
Note: always consider the norms of the traffic of the website that you are going to work with. 9hits have good featues to simulate normal visits.

Which sites can I use?
Most websites that allow others to sell or display their products or services. Websites those works like YouTube, Pinterest, SoundCould, Amazon, Alibaba (You can also use the websites I mentioned with some tricks, but I suggest you do not use these websites because fake visits are really hard on them). You can get the Idea and lots of websites works like them which you can use them with ease and even they are most profitable and most valuable visits in some specific fields and specific locals.

Want to try out free robot traffic to test? See this post
Want to buy traffic from a good place? See this post

Thanks for reading this and again I hope you use this answer to sell good products and services and bring real value to the community and make real money.
There are many tricks and things to learn in this solution and if you have any comments or questions, I will glad to update this post and frequently asked questions.

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