Disable Js/Image/Cookie Rate how works ?


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Apr 7, 2020
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I read this feature

Disable Js/Image/Cookie Rate

This is the rate of disabling some browser features. That means if you set to zero mean completely activate and 100 is completely disabled. You can set a rate for any feature. For example, we set to 65, which means the feature is turned off at 65% and turns on at 35%. Note that turning off Image will affect Googly Analytic

You can clarify better because you don't really understand what it means is very confused the explanation.

It would be much better if a clearer system was introduced for this fuction as a default all activated at 100% and with the percentage is reduced. Example start all from 100% (all enabled normal browser) if imposed 80% means that I want about 100 visits 80% see images and 20% do not see them.


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