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    9hit accessory shop: Points, Servers, Elite Proxy

    what happened to your website?? I need 9hits points...
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    Get 10M 9hits Points for FREE (Limited Time)

    I have sent you an email on [email protected] kindly reply ASAP thanks
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    Make Profite From 9hits Traffic !

    its highly likely that you will earn more by selling points than using this method because in 9hits viewer most people set CPU usage limit so code won;t make much money but if you want to try then google "website code for crypto mining " and you will find some links. although it requires some...
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    @ daniel please see-even though ip is set too repeat after 16hrs , but same ip is repeating in 2-4hr

    I am not sure what exactly is the issue of the OP but I think I faced a similar issue. I added 5 website links in 5 slots and had the setting to repeat IP only after 16 hours. this setting was applied to all 5 slots and independently, meaning IP rotate in16 hours for each of the 5 slots. so...
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    who has any script for ptp to increase profits

    which PTP are you using??
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    Add Fund

    it would help the both, the community and you, if you could write the issue in english. thanks
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    site to be promoted as if its in a manual traffic exchange.

    I get it what u re trying to convey but thing is mossy people are using 9hits more like a cart than a Ferrari... :p
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    site to be promoted as if its in a manual traffic exchange.

    or maybe you can study how a traffic exchange script work and copy that so a site can be promoted in 9hits bot as it does in traffic exchange. maybe take a vote of users and if many people like that feature only then you move forward with this idea. for me this feature is very important. thanks
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    site to be promoted as if its in a manual traffic exchange.

    hi admin, I was doing a thought experiment and noticed that almost every manual traffic exchange site display the site to be promoted in an iframe or similar structure but when we promote site in 9hits, site is opened in full page which can be detected by the site easily. may be you can look...

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