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Hi Daniel
I want to get a macro code that does the following steps
1- Wait 10 seconds
2 - Click on the captcha box (the captcha will pass by itself because it is fake)
3 - Click (click here to continue)
4 - A page comes up after which he waits 30 seconds and then presses (Get Link)
I really need it urgently and thank you very much
Hello Mr Daniel... I need Macros . and how to put in panel setting? .. can we use for click ads?
I am newbie..this first time use 9hits
I have ask on ticket , but no response yet...I don't undertsand coding
bro can you help me, how to set the cpu limit in the latest version of 9hits or how to overcome so that the CPU does not overhits I run 9hits on vps, please help
I followed the instructions on the help page
And I set up a campaign that would go into Google search and type in the name of my website and left it since yesterday and it did not log any visits on Google Analytics, not even in Propeller Ads. i have more than 200k point
please help me

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