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Post by opsfafsme » Mon Aug 05, 2019 3:05 pm

recently asked about if the viewer opens additional tabs, how to switch between them.
I want to give an example of a small macro as an example of how to use it.
This macro reads the value from the settings of your site "Max Popups".
It opens exactly as many tabs with your site and sequentially switching between tabs clicks a random link on your site.
Simulated such a chaotic movement of the site. I hope someone will be useful.
Attention! opening additional tabs increases the number of points removed from the balance for visiting your site.

Code: Select all

var GMP = await GetMaxPopups();
await WaitForLoading ();
for (var i = 0; i < GMP; i++) {
    await EvaluateScript("'"+ await GetUrl() +"','_blank')");
GMP = GMP + 1;
do {
    i = 1;
    do {
        await TabFocus(i);
	await WaitForLoading ();
	await Delay(Random(3000,5000));
        await ClickRandomInternalLink(true);
    } while ( i<=GMP )
} while (true)

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