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Oct 18, 2019
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About us ?
We are a small team with large quantity of VPS servers ready to provide growing amount of points which can be used either by buyers to generate traffic for theire sites or sold traffic throgh Micro-Marketplaces.

9hits Traffic Exchange System offers a faster, more fluid navigation, and more efficient among other things.

Have no time to surf other websites, or maybe the viewer does not generate enough points for your needs? Well, you can increase the number of visits received per day on your site by purchasing additional points from our shop, we offer several convenient packages options or you can contact us for custom orders.

0% Transfer Fees
You will get what you paid for, you don't have to pay the 10% of 9Hits transfer fees.
Custom Orders
We provide custom orders, just contact us with your needs and we will fill it asap.

Payment Accepted

Contact Support :
Skype : live:edna62_5
DISCOURD : Dean Richards ✨#3366
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