1. JustNoah

    My macro doesn't register popunder traffic on my ad provider | Everything works fine on macro editor.

    I tried to fix these problems, I went to macro editor to make a macro and guess what? It works, it ads traffic to my ad network, but when I uploaded the macro and all the settings into 9hit website from where traffic comes, nothing happens, it says it is working and numbers are going up on 9hits...
  2. JustNoah

    How to close ad popup instead of closing the whole browser?

    I recently joined this 9hit group, and I tried to do the macro myself by just simply copy and pasting this: await Delay(20000, 30000) tabs = await TabCount(); while (tabs > 1) { await TabFocus(tabs--); await Delay(100); await EvaluateScript("setTimeout(function(){var ww =...
  3. A

    macro of click on ad id and interaction on it

    I have a problem. To click on ads I use the coordinate macro, but there are many ads that you don't click on. Is there any way to get secure click on them? In addition, I would like to know if there is the option to interact within the pop-up window, since there is an ad on my website in which...
  4. U

    Pop unders websites

    Hi. I've created a macro that opens pop-unders, but many pop-under services like popcash don't count my traffic. I don't know why the pop-under opens and js redirect it to the address successfully but it doesn't count it! can somebody help me with that, please thanks

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