1. JustNoah

    How to close ad popup instead of closing the whole browser?

    I recently joined this 9hit group, and I tried to do the macro myself by just simply copy and pasting this: await Delay(20000, 30000) tabs = await TabCount(); while (tabs > 1) { await TabFocus(tabs--); await Delay(100); await EvaluateScript("setTimeout(function(){var ww =...
  2. J

    How to make a macro that looks like it is reading(Scrolling down, random clicking.)

    I am having an issue, I made this so far, however, my views are increasing on my site, but it is not saying that this macro is reading, it just adds views without registering as a reads on my blog
  3. A

    macro of click on ad id and interaction on it

    I have a problem. To click on ads I use the coordinate macro, but there are many ads that you don't click on. Is there any way to get secure click on them? In addition, I would like to know if there is the option to interact within the pop-up window, since there is an ad on my website in which...

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