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  1. crazymedia

    50.000.000 Credits for $ 15

    Hi, one is on time possible. I accept only paypal or bitcoin.
  2. crazymedia

    live giming now

    Why you posting this links?
  3. crazymedia

    50.000.000 Credits for $ 15

    3 packages are currently available
  4. crazymedia

    50.000.000 Credits for $ 15

    now 4 sets free to buy
  5. crazymedia

    Hi, simple question

    That is the way, long time ago i had the same problem :)
  6. crazymedia

    Ref Banner now online again

    Hi everbody, 9hits have a problem on imgur with banner file hosting. However, I would like to continue to make the banner available to you online. The link is or click on the banner for download to hosting by your own.
  7. crazymedia

    9hits viewer for android?

    i still want it too :D
  8. crazymedia

    Dedicated server Cheap

    Send me more infos please
  9. crazymedia, Great Place To Buy Points

    I made a deposit of $15 and it was credited immediately. Great fast service :) :)
  10. crazymedia

    50.000.000 Credits for $ 15

    now only 2
  11. crazymedia

    50.000.000 Credits for $ 15

    New Price
  12. crazymedia


    Hi, maybe some can help me :) - I use a macro how click a random link on my site, but i want also that the makro scroll down befor the click is made. Thx for our help
  13. crazymedia

    Der erste Post

    das hier wäre als Unterhaltung gedacht, als das hier jeder irgendwelche sinnlosen Angebote postet. :cool::mad:
  14. crazymedia

    50.000.000 Credits for $ 15

    Hi friends, I am currently producing more than I can use, so I am selling 4 sets of 50 million 9hits credits for $15 Contact here in the forum or via [email protected] Transfer fees are covered by me :) This offer is currently sold out.
  15. crazymedia

    The new 9Hits Application v3

    Hi to all, i have tried the new viewer on 5 vps server in the last 24 hours, without any problems. I will test it 24 hours more, and then when we have no problems with the new viewer, i upgrade all the another one.
  16. crazymedia

    Google searches for a keywords *Updated*

    I use it on .at .com and it works - i see it on GA
  17. crazymedia

    9Hits Accessories

    You write on your shop 1 hour time for delivery the points. After more than 4 hours i do not get any points. Maybe this shop is a fake.
  18. crazymedia

    Stormproxies vs Luminati

    Hi, naybe someone can help me, i used on time with the bot luminati, but the price there is to high. Now i want to use Stormproxies, i have rotated proxies mit one ip and i can use 10 threads - but it don't want to work. best regards Michael
  19. crazymedia

    Der erste Post

    Dann starte ich mal hier die deutsch sprachige Gruppe :)

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