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    Need Help regarding Macro

    Can anyone help me to click on a specific object (Ad, its a script actually) on my website? Link:
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    9Hits points for sale

    Need Points. Price please. Inbox me.
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    9Hits Accessories

    Points available?
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    9hit accessory shop: Points, Servers, Elite Proxy

    Anyone up for selling points? I am here to buy!
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    I wanna buy 9hits points

    I need 9hits points. Who can provide me 9hits point? Please reply with price. Thanks.
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    Help with macro please

    No one to help?
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    Help with macro please

    How can I click adhitz banner? Please help me with the macro... Please go to this link: I want to click the adhitz ad below that Related Categories. Thanks in advanced.
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    Proxy Limitation

    Clicks on different websites works on unique visits. In this case, 9hits proxies are very limited. I have some queries can anyone help? 1. I dont know how many proxies 9hits got? How do I find that? 2. Can I use my own proxy list so that I can get new and unique visits? 3. 9hits can increase...
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    Help me with macro Please

    I am very dumb in coding. Can you please write the code for me? Sorry to bother u.
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    Help me with macro Please

    No its always the same.
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    Help me with macro Please

    How can I click this ad? Can anyone help me with that? Website link: Thanks in advanced.

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