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  1. owelko

    I need Points
  2. owelko

    9hits Automated Points Shop [INSTANT Delivery✅]

    About us ? We are a small team with large quantity of VPS servers ready to provide growing amount of points which can be used either by buyers to generate traffic for theire sites or sold traffic throgh Micro-Marketplaces. 9hits Traffic Exchange System offers a faster, more fluid navigation...
  3. owelko

    quiero comprar puntos ... de 10M para arriba ..gracias
  4. owelko

    help use in linux mult view

    yes once the installation is done you can close putty and track your sessions on 9hits panel
  5. owelko

    help use in linux mult view

    there is an automated script to install 9hits on linux
  6. owelko

    Can not login in panel and 9hits viewer give errors

    there was a problem on all users and Daniel fixed that, @grimkali please consider joining the discord server so u can keep up to date about what happening around and a lot of people will be ready to answer you right away Discord:
  7. owelko

    9Hits AutoInstall Without interface

  8. owelko

    [Help] I can't use 9hviews

    i am sure as far as i know windows known to run background process i mean a lot of background process, for the problem of proxies and system trust me i find it weird too but imagine that any connection faster than 1500ms is rejected by 9hits all this based on my uses my results on my computer
  9. owelko

    Proxies Proxies Proxies , scraping links

    New list + 200 fresh sources
  10. owelko

    [Help] I can't use 9hviews

    1st you can't assign 100% of CPU to 1 session lower the cpu usage , and use a good proxy instead of your system IP
  11. owelko

    9Hits AutoInstall Without interface

    no a text will not work use the api proxy it's easy to setup
  12. owelko

    Proxies Proxies Proxies , scraping links

    for those who cant afford lesser used sources of proxies for scraping. here are some links to get you a few.
  13. owelko

    Бот не видит лицензии

    пожалуйста ;)
  14. owelko

    How can i change my email in 9hits panel and forum ?

    on the profile, it's grayscaled then the option is to open a ticket
  15. owelko

    How can i change my email in 9hits panel and forum ?

    open a ticket about that
  16. owelko

    9hits Trojan ***WARNING TO ALL**

    this problem is due to that the application is not signed with a valid certificate so there will be many false positive
  17. owelko

    Бот не видит лицензии

    во-первых, проверьте каталог в папке, она должна быть в папке C: / во-вторых, да, вы можете переносить между компьютерами, просто скопируйте папку /config со старого на новый компьютер
  18. owelko

    hello why my 9hits does not spend all the points

    hello, this question has been already answered i guess check this topic
  19. owelko

    traffic is SLOW, real SLOW

    if you don't want to spend all your points then calculate 60-second visit = 60points +pop up = x2 = 120points you can set as much visits you think is good amount to spend per day on the limiter for example, i want to spend 6000 points on the simple 60 seconds website no popup then...
  20. owelko

    question about referrer

    the referer is only for the website visite REFERER > WEBSITE > CLICK clicks can be done by the macros check that beginner blog post

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