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    My account got flagged???

    Hi, i'm a member of 9hits for a long time and now the website won't let me login showing a message saying my account has been flagged, but i don't know what's the problem, what i did wrong? Can someone help me or point me in the right direction?
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    Captcha solving macro

    Yes, the captcha is a image, i just can't adapt the above code to work with it. I should change the line code: var image = await GetImageByXpath('//*[@id="captcha_one"]'); but don't know what to write.
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    Captcha solving macro

    Or can i adapt the following code: var AcKey = "Your anti-captcha API Key"; var image = await GetImageByXpath('//*[@id="captcha_one"]'); if(image) { var result = await ACSolve({ "clientKey":AcKey, "task": { "type":"ImageToTextTask"...
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    Captcha solving macro

    How can i write a macro to solve this captcha and proceed?

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