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  1. quatio

    Google searches for a keywords *Updated*

    I have just tried but doesn't go! :'( Can you try?
  2. quatio

    Google searches for a keywords *Updated*

    Hi, i would know if someone has resolve this issue: 1. When open the google page, and the user has not logged into google account, appears this popup that don't make write the script in the search bar. How can close it? Which command must be use? My script is in this version: await...
  3. quatio

    Huge UA ( user agents ) list

    How can download your lists? Goes in 403 - forbidden. Thanks a lot
  4. quatio

    Google searches for a keywords *Updated*

    i mean that if the search on google and visit is made with browser in anonymous mode, Google Analitycs track correctly the Keyword of search. If there is a way for to run the viewer in anonymous mode, with this script, i think that GA will track correctly our keywords. I hope to be more clear...
  5. quatio

    Google searches for a keywords *Updated*

    if we can to run macros into browser with anonymous mode, the "not provided" will be substitute with the keywords. Is there a way for tu run the Viewer or BOT in anonymous mode?
  6. quatio

    Google searches for a keywords *Updated*

    i have the same issue of @klaichich. Also for me... not provided keyword. :'(
  7. quatio

    IF - test

    Hi, how can tell the script MACROS to execute some action in random mode. I have an action on a website and i want that not execute at every visit that i collect, but randomly. How can i do this? Thanks in advance

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