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    Having an issue with the 9Hits Session Manager 2.4.6

    Hi, I have an issue one of my desktop computers running the new 9Hits Session Manager 2.4.6. Older version works fine. It keeps giving me the error saying: Browser error: Can not read report: boost::interprocess::intermodule_singleton initialization failed(0) And the points don't count. I have...
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    Update 9HitsViewer 2.4.5

    Nice! Looking forward to trying it! Is the Bot app going to be updated soon? Just curious...:cool:
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    Google searches for a keywords *Updated*

    See the screenshot please. When the bot enters my website by the keyword "easy tribal loans" it appear in the Google Analytics as "not provided".
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    Google searches for a keywords *Updated*

    keyword: easy tribal loans website:
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    Google searches for a keywords *Updated*

    You seem to have misunderstood me a little :) My website is in Google search results on the first page. I am using the Google Analytics to track visitors and search quiries. If I do a manual search in Google by a keyword and click on my website, the Google Analytics will show that exact keyword...
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    Google searches for a keywords *Updated*

    This is just an amazing script! Thank you very very much for posting this script! I have one small problem though: the keywords that I use don't show up in the Google Analytics. These visits appear with the keywords displayed as "not provided". Is there any solution for that? Thanks!
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    How about assigning the points by country tier?

    As we all know, all the countries are sorted by the traffic buyers according to the tier level system. For example, so called tier 1- USA and European countries traffic is paid much more than the rest of the world. What do you think about giving some extra points to those who provide more...

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