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    How much Money do you made with Traffic Exchangers?

    At moment its 600$ for this Week :D lets see if i get paid they pay out Tuesday just scamming advertisers with good cpm lmao
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    works good thanks
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    How much Money do you made with Traffic Exchangers?

    Hey just wanna ask How much money do you guys make with Traffic Exchangers? About me I am running at moment 5 vps in Russia 4 off them working 6months before expire About me I am 16 Years old Living in Germany and Earning per Week about 250$ only with 9 Hits and a "Investition" off 8$? per...
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    A Site is a scam because they dont pay for fake traffic? lmao
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    Der erste Post

    Was geht boys
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    >>> First post <<<

    CPA = Cost per Action i dont think any Viewer do more than Viewing your Site so you dont earn Money for it
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    propellerads pays but will ban you after payment most times and min withraw is 10$ and cpm 0.04
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    Anyone test site who sale vps ???

    profitserver paid 16$ for 6Months linux vps made it back in 24Hours with 9Hits :D

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