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  1. owelko

    Best Services Recommendation for 9hits

    Vps Provider That Will Never Ban You For Using 9hits: 50% OFF LINK HERE Upgrading Your Membership using Paypal: 9hits Points Autoshop Instant Delivery: Free Proxies Source Socks4/5 & Http ( Telegram ):
  2. owelko


    ASK FOR ACCOUNTS OF COUNTRIES YOU DESIRE Refund: For possible problems related to us, your payment will be refunded.
  3. owelko

    9hits Automated Points Shop [INSTANT Delivery✅]

    About us ? We are a small team with large quantity of VPS servers ready to provide growing amount of points which can be used either by buyers to generate traffic for theire sites or sold traffic throgh Micro-Marketplaces. 9hits Traffic Exchange System offers a faster, more fluid navigation...
  4. owelko

    Proxies Proxies Proxies , scraping links

    for those who cant afford lesser used sources of proxies for scraping. here are some links to get you a few.
  5. owelko

    1 Year VPS @ Affordable Price

  6. owelko

    Proxy List Checked ( Daily Updated) !

    for those who can't afford to buy proxies, i will be updating this thread each day
  7. owelko

    Struggling with making $$ from 9hits ? This is your opportunity !

    Delivery Time: Normally Within Hours After Payment Done. Guaranteed no longer than 24 hours. TOS : 1# You can ask for everything you need before the sale. 2# NO Replace or Refund After Sale & Before your first access; 3# For Premium & VIP Licences Hosting is terminated after the predefined...
  8. owelko

    9hits Autoinstaller on VPS

    1- Get Ready VPS A - Get a VPS i recommend this one * install Ubuntu 16.04 B - Install Putty on your computer (windows) Latest Version C - on CMD type this command putty -ssh [email protected] where username is your VPS username it's 'root'...
  9. owelko

    MY Birthday Celebration Week 30% DISCOUNT SALES 9Hits Points

    I am celebrating my birthday at the moment and as part of the celebration,i am offering 30% off all purchases of points This includes new purchases and renewals. PM me on Discord for the Discount code Links to buy
  10. owelko

    Huge UA ( user agents ) list

    Hi, for those who are looking for user agents list here are some of 1- 600+ Mobile User Agents 2 - Safari User Agents 3- Opera User Agents
  11. owelko

    Proxy API For 9hits Traffic Exchange

    This small code will help you import proxies to call proxies stored on a database to be used on 9hits Multisession exchange 9hits-External-Proxies-API Simple PHP for 9hits Exchange API calls Requirements PHP Hosting SQL Database to save proxies Installation Download files [...
  12. owelko

    [GIVEAWAY] Get Any Element from ENVATO Elements FOR FREE

    Hi guys, Since I always got help from many recognizable members, I guess it's my time to pay it forward I decided to start this thread Request any Envato elements product ( ) you want and I will share it here. maximum up to 3 requests per member
  13. owelko

    creat your own stealth proxies

    SUBDIRS = \ src \ data \ etc \ m4macros \ tests \ scripts Group nobody > Group nogroup Port 8888 > Port XXXX (Use your choosen port like 8080, 8888, etc. ) #BindSame yes > BindSame yes (this is only needed if you have multiple public IPs) #LogFile "/usr/local/var/log/tinyproxy/tinyproxy.log"...
  14. owelko

    Make Profite From 9hits Traffic !

    Hello, Am going to be short am just starting with 9hits and most methods I find are dead any updates for working 100% paying methods please help me Thanks in advance
  15. owelko


    first download 9hits latest version edit the 9hits_start.bat to this ::Kill all instances:: taskkill /f /im 9hmultiss.exe taskkill /f /im 9hviewer.exe taskkill /f /im 9hbrowser.exe start "" "%~dp09hmultiss.exe" --auto-start --hide-browser --disable-popups --minimized exit and creat a shortcut of...

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