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    Has 9hits proxy been canceled?

    I have not used the site for a long time and there is a big difference that I cannot understand Has 9hits proxy been canceled? What does EX PROXY mean?
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    What does this message mean?

    The program does not work even though I have reloaded more than once but the message always appears to me
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    Did anyone try work at

    هل حاول أحد العمل على؟
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    how do I do this ?

    I have links to many sites (more than 40 links). I would like the visit to come from one IP address for only ten links only ten links per day per one IP For example, if I get 1600 HITS per day to 40 links, I will get traffic from 160 different IP addresses 160 IP * 10 HITS = 1600 HITS How do I...
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    how do I do this ?

    لدي روابط إلى العديد من المواقع (أكثر من 40 رابط). أود أن تأتي الزيارة من عنوان IP واحد لعشرة روابط فقط عشرة روابط فقط في اليوم لكل IP واحد على سبيل المثال ، إذا حصلت على 1600 HITS يوميًا إلى 40 رابطًا ، فسأحصل على حركة مرور من 160 عنوان IP مختلفًا 160 IP * 10 HITS = 1600 HITS كيف أقوم بهذا العمل ؟

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