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  1. K test

    So I decided to test this link shortener. 12 usd in 2 days (around 3 usd cpm). You can request a payout the 7 of each month. Im guessing you already know what to to but dont forget to send only unique views
  2. K

    Real Ip Not Real Ip

    I think you forgot something here since windows is used to host vps too
  3. K

    Update The 9Hits Viewer 2.4.8

    I must say i'm quite disappointed in this new update but I like the new updates you have done to the viewer But here is my converns 1. The viewer sesion is limted a lot now (since i have the premium rank before the update I ran 10+ session with 4 vps now I can only run 4 session) 2. 9hits...
  4. K

    Earn $25 to $300 daily with multiple income streams.

    If you are making $25+ a day, why do you use blogspot instead of a paid host ?

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