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  1. Evgeny_Volin

    The 9Hits Viewer 2.5.2 beta

    Thanks! This is the first complete answer to my question, for 38 of my questions! And accordingly, it works only on the VIP tariff, which I had for the last 5 months, but I did not use this function, because I did not understand how it works. 1. Yesterday I accidentally clicked on "pay Premium"...
  2. Evgeny_Volin

    The 9Hits Viewer 2.5.2 beta

    Hello, Daniel. Please help me with the script, they couldn't help me on Skype. 1. After opening the Pop-Up window on the site, the New window becomes the main one, - How do I make my site back the main one? And another question 2. Who should I contact with questions about the program? They...
  3. Evgeny_Volin

    tabs closing solution

    Popunder opens for me and becomes the main one. How do I return, make the main window with my site? And close this Popunder This script does not work, everything stops after it. while(true) { if(await TabCount() > 1)//check if we have popup opened { await TabFocus("!"); //focus to...
  4. Evgeny_Volin

    macro of click on ad id and interaction on it
  5. Evgeny_Volin

    Using 2Captcha in 9Hits Viewer 2.3.2

    Friends, can someone say the captcha works? It is a Captcha. Mine is very modern, it has new pictures, questions. It didn't work for me! Right here I registered for 2 captchas, entered my API KEY twice in this code - Some action takes place and I am redirected to a site...
  6. Evgeny_Volin

    2.5.1 The Viewer has stopped working

    The Viewer error was in my code! I started the Macro like this - while(await IsLoading); await Delay(1000); await WaitForLoading; You can't do that! You can do this - await IsLoading; await Delay(1000); await WaitForLoading; Where would you read about it?? And then you only have to guess...
  7. Evgeny_Volin

    2.5.1 The Viewer has stopped working

    Through the proxy and just through the systems just a white screen! What to do? I'm going back to the previous version for now! WHY SUPPORT DOESN'T WORK! $ 15 A MONTH!!
  8. Evgeny_Volin

    Please help me write a macros for such a test page?

    Hello Friends! Please help me write a macros for such a test page? "" await ClickById ("btn-main"); clicking on the id doesn't work!((
  9. Evgeny_Volin

    Someone from the developers reads this forum? \ Кто-то то из разработчиков читает этот форум?

    Here is my post on the latest updates and more! If not, where should I write? ____________________________________________________________________ Вот тут мой пост на тему последних обновлений и не только! Если нет то куда нужно писать...
  10. Evgeny_Volin

    Errors with updates \ Ошибки при обновлении

    Update errors I downloaded the Betta 9hits-win-x64-2.5.1, unpacked it without the password 9hits, which is written when downloading! Exported my 40 proxies, in the format - socks4;1_4.61.77.228:5_949;cMfI_efhwh;0BS_uip4eC http;1_6.103.90.136:5_218;cMfI_efhwh;0BS_uip4eC I opened a new program...
  11. Evgeny_Volin

    Коллеги, скажите, пожалуйста у кого заработали прокси предоставляемые программой 9hits?

    ExProxy да, есть, но они у меня Очень плохо работают! Тоесть из 10 прокси - 1,2 за час заработает - законектится, и всё, остальные просто пытаются найти прокси! Тоесть расходуют ресурсы мощности!! В Основном Дупликаты. В общем не работают 9hits proxy -> exproxy ! ((
  12. Evgeny_Volin

    I would also like a macro command to randomly click on the videos and then play[ADULT CONTENT]

    Please tell me how to make a command that the link click will be with some probability? For example, with a probability of 10% ? So that, for example, when you visit a bot page, you don't click on this ad every time??
  13. Evgeny_Volin

    what's the command to close popup window?

    tabs = await TabCount(); while (tabs > 1) { await TabFocus(tabs--); await Delay(100); await EvaluateScript("setTimeout(function(){var ww ='about:blank', '_self'); ww.close();}, 500);"); } await TabFocus(tabs);
  14. Evgeny_Volin

    macro of click on ad id and interaction on it

    Скажите пожалуйста где подробное описание работы этих скриптов? Please tell me where is the detailed description of how these scripts work? ExecuteScript EvaluateScript
  15. Evgeny_Volin

    macro of click on ad id and interaction on it

    ExecuteScript('document.write("this is main tab")'); It is not clear what to write in place of the words "this is main tab" ? This is understandable-waiting for a full download - await WaitForLoading(); And what does this first command mean - ExecuteScript? That is, the script will look...
  16. Evgeny_Volin

    macro popunder

    Apparently the answer is on the next branch
  17. Evgeny_Volin

    macro popunder

    Yes, the question is, how do I click on any area inside the POP window? Here is the command how to click on any area of the window while(1) { await Delay (Random(2000, 10000)); await ClickRandomLink (); } But the click will be inside the active window! I repeat the question - How do I make a...
  18. Evgeny_Volin

    YouTube - Human AI Script

    This programming language is called like this? javascript async/await in while Where can I read the descriptions of these functions?
  19. Evgeny_Volin

    I got this error, can anyone help me?

    What caused this error and how to avoid it in the future? And here's another question - How many points are deducted from me for going to my site? Where can I see it? Is there anyone who can help me?

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