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  1. MauroS5

    Loop implementation in a macros

    To make it you just need use while like javascript To make a infinite loop: while (true){ Something here; }
  2. MauroS5

    real ip address

    HAHAH My bad Set "direct" on the proxy file That will works ;)
  3. MauroS5

    3$ For Vps Windows / Linux Server 2gb Ram For 1 Month And More Check Out

    hmmm That is a good price but little questions This disk space is SSD or HDD? How much cpu cores, also GHz on it? Virtualization type? KVM, VMware....
  4. MauroS5

    Web positioning (SEO)

    You can use it You need macro to make organic search on google / yahoo / bing... Recommend vip but minimum premium I also recommend use a filter of ip before send this hit to your site Don't make 100% of search make click on your site Take patient, it take weeks or more on best of cases Also all...
  5. MauroS5

    real ip address

    If I remember good On proxy file you just need set "system" as proxy
  6. MauroS5

    give me some nice script for this

    Where do you want to click? There are a lot of ads o_O
  7. MauroS5

    how do I do this ?

    If all links are on same slot and you set the cap. 1 IP should only visit 1 of this 40 pages :rolleyes:
  8. MauroS5

    how do I do this ?

    hmmm Add the links on new slot. Set the Cap on 24h And limit per h on max hits you want on total
  9. MauroS5

    So that I can use it / Para que pueda usarlo.

    No problem with that. If you don't use "ad" shorteners all right But careful with the link you send. If is a completely spam (Example +18 ad) you will get warned
  10. MauroS5

    So that I can use it / Para que pueda usarlo.

    @weblord Is good you want help to others on forum and thanks for that But please avoid shortener ad links :rolleyes:
  11. MauroS5

    what's the meaning of these

    1. To know if visits already visits this site (save some information about that visits) 2. If you don't need load images disable to fast page load. 3. To disable some scripts on page like ads or something like that (JavaScript) Something like that :rolleyes:
  12. MauroS5


    1 point -> 1 second 100.000points -> 100.000seconds Every visit 10s (Example) 100.000points -> 10.000 visits
  13. MauroS5

    What differentiates them from other platforms / Que los diferencia de otras plataformas

    Puedes usar todo tipo de modificaciones en la visita. No solo el geo tambien puedes usar cosas como Macros para hacer que tu visita interactúe de la manera que tu quieras con la web, cosa que es imposible en el resto de pagines de este estilo Sin contar el programa para añadir más de una sesión...

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