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    vip acc

    can U help me telling me how does multiple Url's works when i have VIPacc ?when i enter 2 uls i will get the same IP 2x yes ?
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    earn from points

    Can any one tell where does 9hits works with with what site ??? to earn
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    about adsense account. What is the price and what is cpm for usa visitors ?
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    visits sites

    but i have points and run 30 slots and get for 12 hours good visits and than almost 0 for another 12
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    visits sites

    can i buy somewhere hits not points ?
  6. H, Great Place To Buy Points

    hi i would like to buy but tell me how come i cant send 100 000 hits a day right now ? what can i do ?:_)
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    less hits

    Heeloo, i have 5 m points and run it. Yesterday i have 1800 hits recived through all day to mywebsite now its 9 .30 and i have 200 so less, anyone know why ? i didnt change anything, Second : if i buy for example 30 slots and i have points 5M i will get traffic from this 30 slots yes ...
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    macro popunder

    Hi, can anyone give me macro for popunder ? ( click anywhere on the site ) best regards
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    can anyone tell me if the 9hits will work with popunder and if not with what networks it work ? ?
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    is 9hits dead ?
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    how many hits per day max ?

    Hi, If i have miliions of points that will give me 500 000 hits, how many can i send to my site max a day ? if i want usa targeted traffic and proxy ? and i want to make macro click . What about this proxy will i get it automatically ? best regards
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    does 9hits work with ???

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