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    Disable Js/Image/Cookie Rate how works ?

    Hi, this is disabling rate, so if you set for example dis image to 80, so 80 dont see image. But those fetures may not work properly, cookie may. The disable cookie would affect to the returning visitor on google analytic. by disable 100% -> 100 is new visitor (on google analytic).
  2. daniel

    What is the complete user agent with all option of 9hits viewer ?

    Hmm, it is weird, i will check how do they check this. The viewer should fake both of them, I'm normally check on but the site you send give a different result :/
  3. daniel

    What is the complete user agent with all option of 9hits viewer ?

    Hi, I cant see the image, could you pls reupload it. The viewer is currently faking user agent, screen resolution. Could you give me the link to the add-on which you see it is works well.
  4. daniel

    New important update about browser fingerprint

    Hi guys, we have new updates for the bot (1.2.5) and the viewer (2.4.6) about browser fingerprint. From the versions older than this update. The 9hits browser only faking IP, referrer, user agent, screen resolution and some other information. But it is not enough as nowadays there is a lot of...
  5. daniel

    Update 9HitsViewer 2.4.5

    sure man, I will try to do it asap!
  6. daniel

    Proxy API For 9hits Traffic Exchange

    great man, but we need to update the database day by day to keep as many as alive proxy possible
  7. daniel

    Update 9HitsViewer 2.4.5

    Hi guys, the update has delayed for a few days but it is released now with there changes: - Increase API call speed, - Support AZCaptcha on macros, - New macro function TryToCallRecaptchaCallBack, - Support to use your own external proxy server, - Improve UI, save settings on the Session...
  8. daniel

    Request new language

    Welcome guys, let say hello :p
  9. daniel

    What differentiates them from other platforms / Que los diferencia de otras plataformas

    Hmm, im not sure what the other does, but if you want to suggest some new feature for 9Hits, it is welcome ;)
  10. daniel

    9Hits New Forum platform

    Hi there, we have a new forum platform here, since now, your 9hits account will be linked to this forum, if your account is not linked yet, you will see an instruction on the panel. Just follow it to link your account to this forum. If you got any issues, please let me know. It is now required...
  11. daniel

    Update 9Hits Viewer 2.4.0 and 9Hits Bot 1.2.4

    Hi guys, a new update has just released with the following changes: - Support Anti-Captcha in macros. - Fixed the annoyance of running in the hidden mode (windows). You can run the viewer without annoying now. - Improve macros and performance. You may take the download link on the 9hits panel...
  12. daniel

    Using 2Captcha in 9Hits Viewer 2.3.2

    Hi, since 9Hits Viewer 2.3.2, 2Captcha API has been integrated. To use 2Captcha, firstly you have to create an account at 2Captcha :) Ref for daniel :( None ref ;) Thumb up our application on 2Captcha The bypass captcha would be available for VIP members only, but currently it's also available...
  13. daniel

    Reduce bounce rate and increase time on site with 9hits macros

    Hello, If you wonder what's bounce rate, please read So, to reduce the bounce rate as well as increasing time on site, we need to make some interactions, in this case, I would like to click to a random link on my site. The script may simple like this...

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